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Web-site first uploaded 8/1/2014.

Made by John A. Deering.

Other web-sites I've made include www.mortalkombatx.com, https://batmanlegend.webs.com, and http://comicbookblog.webs.com.

Flash Gordon comic strips were published in newspapers starting in 1934.  Created by Alex Raymond.

For years, I've had all these ideas for what I would do if I were somehow in charge of a Flash Gordon movie script.  For years, I've said that a reboot of Flash Gordon would be terrific, in the style of the Dark Knight, Avatar, and 2005 King Kong.  It's a more contemporary remake of the 1934 comic strips.  For instance, what it's like to travel through an airport and airplane today, compared to the old-fashioned airplane he rides in the old comic strips.